Precast concrete piles provide the primary support in the construction of bridges and large buildings. They are pre-stressed using steel tendons allowing for greater tension and compressive strength, as well as resisting torsion forces. Piles assist in transferring the building load to the ground. Hex piles are 12”, 14” and 16” can be made in any length from 6-25m as determined by refusal depth or by skin friction. When geotechnical controls require deep foundations, precast piles are an excellent alternative to steel or timber which have the downside of rust or decay when exposed to elements such as water and oxygen. Soil capacity determines the foundation required for your building or bridge structure. In Manitoba, most structures require a deep foundation therefore a pile is pounded through approximately 60’ of glacial till until it hits the limestone bedrock meeting the refusal criteria established by the geotechnical engineer. Excess piles are then cut to the required elevation.

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