Wall panels: Insulated and Solid

Pre-cast concrete wall panels can be built in various different forms. Insulated wall panels are generally used for walls on the outside of the building. Precast insulated wall panels meet the new energy code based on different R-values as determined by the architect. A rigid polystyrene insulation ranges in thickness from 3-5” depending on the contents of your building and lies between two reinforced (or stressed) concrete panels.

The architectural finish of these panels ranges from an exposed aggregate finish to different form liners and colors making the options endless for the design of the panels. Insulated wall panels can be used as cladding or structural walls.

As their name indicates, solid concrete wall panels are between 6-8” thick. Solid panels are a great separating fire wall. Commonly used on the interior of a building, but can also be used as an exterior with insulation added afterwards.  Solid wall panels are also used for load bearing walls to support other precast elements such as hollowcore and double T’s.

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