Columns & Beams

Why Hollowcore?

Space Efficient Strength.





Efficient & Durable

A precast building system can incorporate both beams and columns as the primary structural gravity support. Geometry plays a strong role in determining the most appropriate shape and length of the beams for any building. Beams are built either as rectangular or Inverted T shapes and are typically 24’ wide but can vary based on design. Both shapes serve different purposes based on the type of building. 

Supportive & Strong

Column products act as supports to beams. They can be square or rectangular which is generally determined based on loading requirements as specified by the Engineer. Columns are custom designed and vary in length.

Concrete beams and columns are grouted together to create a solid foundation for any building and allow precast walls and floor slabs to be easily installed. By using a concrete beam and column system, your building is sure to achieve higher fire ratings without any need for further fireproofing.


Easy Steps & Solutions


Engineering & Detailing.  We work with the developers, engineers and architects. We offer design solutions.


We have multiple manufacturing facilities to choose from. All done in a controlled environment.


We offer shipping for many of our products with on-time delivery. Products arrive in sequential order.


We coordinate sub-contracted service to experienced contractors through strong relationships.