Precast concrete hollowcore slabs are used in structural floor systems where limited head room is available. Using precast hollowcore products allows for quicker construction schedules, which is ideal for short summer construction seasons. Producing hollowcore concrete in our heated facility allows for better control of placement, curing and quality during winter construction projects. The hollow voids help reduce weight and material cost while still providing superior strength, fire protection and sound mitigation. These benefits make hollowcore slabs perfect for schools, hotels, condominiums, parking garages and much more. Bringing Haywood Concrete Products into the early project stages helps ensure a cost effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing end result.

Haywood Concrete utilizes Ultra-Span Technologies cross section. Load tables can be used by engineers to determine clear spans based on loading requirements.

200mm (8”) hollowcore load table and material properties
250mm (10”) hollowcore load table and material properties
300mm (12”) hollowcore load table and material properties
Installers instructions

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